Travelling To The World Of Balloons

2 min readOct 2, 2020

|Another Nightmare| 5 minute Read

By Maryam Tahir

Have you ever been through and to live at a place where no worries lie, no perturbation to sick reactions just, peace and harmony with the laws of nature? Owing to tiresome, every one of you might get over the idea go to that place. The place is not too far away. It is closer instead.

I was entering into the day sparkled with hope and excitement. Wondrously decorated with colorful balloons it was! The place was presenting a model of wonderland with majestic assets in its beauty. Floating icebergs in the crystal clear water, sky kissing castles, and high mountains with waterfalls. To add the beauty, you see big balloons here and there flying in their ecstasy.

In no time, I was feeling like to go in-depth of its lofty exalted ways. Everything was alluring and enchanting the sense of peace and calmness. Then, I heard the chirping of the beautiful birds in the sky.

It was giving a scene of dramatic world. Soon I was entering into a cave through the highly elevated mountains. First, I felt fear and was unable to understand what was going on soon it was stunned by seeing the majestic beauty of the wondrous sky with the colorful big balloons all around. They were even more colossal in number than I had before.

It is a human aptitude that he feels pleasant to see beauty. He finds inner peace to see colors. His mind becomes fresh to see natural beauty.

Balloons were flying in the air. I was just about to touch one of them that someone tap on my back. I woke up, tried hard to come out, and understand it was just a nightmare.

Although it was a nightmare and, dream it shows us how we can make our world. A world that is full of colors and bright colors all around. It could be filled with charm and appreciation of nature.

If we do so, we see our life would be too easy to spend. We would see the admiration in things belonging to us. Moreover, it directly gratitude the Almighty God, who is the only admiring entity.