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Eiffel-Tower Paris-France

What would it be to chase the beauty you always wished for. Have you thought of close enough to the things coming in nightmares? If you think that all comes true by the way you go for it then it is true.

One of the most satisfying moments of my life so far was the day when my father told me to pack the luggage as we were going to France. It was a trip offered to my father as a bonus reward because he had been working there for the last 20 years. Paris is one of Europe’s most popular destinations so that lines can be long to visit the most popular sites.

There was no limit to my joy and happiness. In no time, I just started packaging. That time was the exhilarated time ever in my life as I wished earlier to travel by airplane. It was like my dream come true. So after three days, the day comes to depart for France. We reached the airport before time after the procedures we followed, we were allowed to bore in the plane.

The journey was pleasant, a mixture of thrilling excitement and joy. So what would you think if been of my place instead? Obviously, the quest to fly in the air is intimated desire of the most. It was 11 at night when we landed Charles de’ Gaulle, Paris loveliest airfield. It was a travel of nine to ten hours from my homeland. It was pleasant to breath in the other atmosphere.

Age has no barrier when it comes to travel.”

After a minute or so, a man looking nicely approached to us and took us along with him in a car. It was of almost fifteen minutes’ distance from the airfield. The hotel was the luxurious place I have ever had in my life although it was an ordinary one.

We received the key to room, went straight to it and just dropped our dog-tired exhausted bodies on bed and woke up next morning. As I had goggled renowned places to visit Paris and had made a list to follow so it was the most speculating place in top.


It is a charming French street full of roses and colors. It seems like heaven came to the earth to dance with you in the ecstasy. Colorful and bright colors make you stunned after seeing it. Rick Staves, a client of the company, was also accompanying us to guide the places. There, I bought a special gift for my elder sister who was living in Palm Street Manchester as she got married there. Time was flying, and places still had to visit. There was something about sitting in the park, eating red velvet brownie, and taking blueberry slush. 1


From there, Rick took us to the most visited art museum in the world, the Louvre Museum, located in the heart of Paris. This historic building is a former royal palace with an area of 210,000 square meters. Its collection was spell bounding as;

● Egyptian antiquities

● Islamic art

● Paintings and graphics

● Sculptures of the Middle Ages and much more…


It was the best place I have ever seen before. A place that represents a fine model of French culture. It is best known for the white-domed Basilica of the sacred heart. If you go there, don’t forget to visit the Square of Tertre; few blocks from the Basilica. 1


In the magnificent beauty of Paris, we didn’t notice when it was about to dusk, the majestic beauty of the most elegant place was on peak. Yeah, I’m talking about the night view from the Eiffel Tower. It is super touristy to your visit to Paris would not be complete without viewing from the Tower.

There are two ways up the Eiffel Tower. You can take an elevator or can walk up the stairs. For 130 years the Eiffel Tower has been a powerful symbol of Paris city. Nobody would miss to visit this enchanting place if go to France. 1


We stayed for three days in Paris and had a fantastic time. I loved everything about this romantic city and wished to come back here again and again. In this way, our first day ended. We got back to the hotel to take rest.