5 Ways to Please Yourself

|What’d you see to be happy|

2 min readOct 7, 2020

The period from birth to death of living things is generally known as life. It is one of the greatest blessings of God that we are living a human life today but to somewhat life is not just getting a “period” to awake and to eternal sleep. No doubt, we all enjoy it to our fullest wherever chasing trends; stuck into chaos and crisis, we are dripping down the essence. Many of us struggle to achieve desires, goals, and also finding life itself but somehow mingled in perplexities.

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Many people find it relatable and concerning. So In this article, you’ll find reasons and how to cope with them.

1- View the nature to the closest:

Why children enjoy more than we do? Have you ever noticed they would like to spend time playing outside from dawn to dusk just because they are close to natural sceneries that make them feel fresh, spending time watching in evenings when sunsets or in the morning when the sun rises? Watch and ponder about the blooming of flowers- how they bloom and just like the way your life is made from this essence to cherish it.

2- Company to the poor:

Poor people are simple creatures. They have simplicity in their life. Spending some of your day time with the poor can heal you by knowing the worth of your life. You would see how their life is different from yours and, then the words of gratitude utter automatically. It helps to make your life easier going.

3- A cup of coffee:

To strengthen and boost what you are going through with, a cup of coffee or tea is the best salute to appreciate. Take out some time from your busy routine for yourself in the evening sitting on a chair with a deep breath and take a sip of your coffee. Music added to it would do more to please if you like it.

4- Appreciate to yourself:

In life, we often suffer due to the comparison we make with others. Remember, everyone is fighting his battle we are not known. So stop making your life in comparison to others and appreciate what you have. We all want to have more and more in life but just start saying the words of appreciation and thanksgiving to you. You would see the out coming results of it.

5- Connect to God:

When we are busy making in our life successful and struggling, never forget there’s one God that is looking at you and making your way easy going for you. From 24 hours, put Him first in making holy prayers and asking for goodness. It will add more delightful effects to your thinking and personality than any other thing does for you.